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Duplex Snag Grinding machines

Built to grind off parting line flashes and thin projections of cast iron components like engine blocks, gear boxes etc. The machine has two wheel heads having dia 500mm grinding wheels powered by 50 or 25HP motors. The job clamping and feed motions are CNC/PLC controlled and hydraulically operated. All the four faces are cleaned in one loading in the auto cycle. Typical cycle timings for grinding of flashes of three bore castings on all four faces is 90 seconds.

Rotor Milling machine

This machine has been developed for machining of rotors fitted on rotary air compressors and pumps. The machines are CNC controlled. Drive for the job is from a high torque drive motor. Ranges of screws manufactured with this machine are 75-300 dia, 150mm to 1000mm length. Machines are sturdily built for utilizing replaceable and indexable carbide tips while roughing.


Pre Boring machines

These machines pre bore the cored bores of castings enabling uniform and consistent machining allowance for finish boring operations. Typical components include gear boxes, automobile engine blocks etc. The machine can accept machining allowance of 3 to 4mm per side with a possible 2mm core shaft. The boring heads would be of multiple spindle configuration with multiple cutting tools enabling boring of multiple steps, counter boring etc. Milling of zones like fuel pump mounting and starter mounting faces on cylinder blocks can also be carried out. Clamping of the job is hydraulic. Complete operations are CNC/PLC controlled

Typical time for carrying out pre boring are given below :

Gear box for 35HP to 50HP range engines – 20mins
Engine blocks for 35HP to 50HP range engines – 30mins

Facing and centre drilling machines

These machines carry out shaft end preparations before being loaded for the turning line. All the end preparation operations like simultaneous milling of the faces, simultaneous centre drilling, drilling and tapping operations whenever required can be carried out on automatic cycle. Hydraulic self centering vices hold the work piece in position. The machine is CNC/PLC controlled and hydraulically powered. Typical components include electrical motor shafts, automobile axles, cam shafts etc.

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